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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chapter 12 ~ The Cabin and the Tomb

There was an uncomfortable silence between everyone the next morning.

The ladies, Elena, Bonnie and Vella made breakfast in almost complete silence, only speaking to each other out of necessity. In fact, Vella hadn't really spoke to anyone since she had woken up from her nap the day before. They ate in near silence as well.
When they were finished, they went into the livingroom to see if Damon and Stefan were ready. The two brothers had already been out of the house and back that morning with some items they needed to destroy the vampires in the tomb.
Before they left the house for the cabin, Vella decided she didn't like the plan. "I don't think Elena or Bonnie should come with us."
While Stefan whole-heartedly agreed, Damon didn't and either did Elena or Bonnie. They all wanted to make sure these vampires would be destroyed also, so they weren't staying behind.

It had been years since Vella had been to her family cabin. It was always taken care of with her father's money, his will had seen to that, so she had no need to visit it, unless she had wanted to.
On the drive to the cabin, Vella was going through so many emotions. The cabin was the place she had been the happiest growing up. The place where her parents would take her fishing, swimming and even water skiing. The place where her family went to get away from the rest of the world. It was hard for her to face being there in so long, especially after all her new memories had surfaced.
As they drove up the long laneway to where the cabin was, silent tears began to roll down Vella's face. They were both happy and sad tears. She was finally resigned to the fact she was going to die and didn't think she could have picked a better place to have her life end.
The cabin wasn't big or fancy. It was a one storey cabin, with white siding and a forest green wooden door. There was a flower garden with a path through it leading up to the front porch.
The five of them walked up the laneway, up the path through the garden and onto the porch.
Vella took the keys from out of her purse and unlocked the door.
Vella, Bonnie and Elena all walked through the door, while the brothers stood at the entranceway, not sure if they would be able to go in.
"Oops, sorry," Vella snickered. "Damon and Stefan you are welcome here."
Damon and Stefan came in and closed the door and they all walked into the main room.
Vella saw the painting she needed to take apart to get the parchment, it was a painting of a happy family playing at the beach.
Tears began to flow down her face, but she didn't let it stop her. She pulled down the painting and flipped it over to see where she could begin to take it apart. There was a loose spot on one corner, which she tugged at until the backing began to rip. When she had ripped about half of the backing, she found what she was looking for, the parchment.
Vella pulled the piece of parchment out and began to unfurl it. It was what she had been searching for, the spell and the directions to the huge underground tomb.
Damon and Stefan went out to gather the fuel and torches to kill the vampires in the tomb, and Gabriel and Lilith as well if they tried to intervene. They brought the stuff out to where the tomb door was supposed to be according to the map, though they couldn't actually see a door.
Vella, Elena and Bonnie joined them out there a few minutes later, carrying the map and a bunch of wooden stakes, just to be safe.
Even with the map, it was difficult to find the actual door to the tomb. It was covered with rock, grass and weeds.
After Damon and Stefan had moved all the rock and brush away, it was already mid afternoon.
It was time for Vella to do what needed to be done to open the tomb. She thought back to the words her mother spoke to her in her dream.
Vella first took the gemstone out of her pocket and threw it to the ground as hard as she could, where it broke into many many pieces.She then started a small fire and sprinkled some water on the tomb and on the broken shards of the gemstone and began to recite the spell on the parchment, but nothing seemed to happen.
"I don't think I can do this," Vella uttered to the group.
Stefan was the first to say something. "You can do it."
And Damon said, "We believe in you."
Elena and Bonnie nodded in agreement.
Vella breathed a few deep breaths and began to try the spell again, but again nothing happened. Vella was becoming frustrated.
"Do you need me to help?" Bonnie offered.
Vella gave her a grateful look, but declined, she knew she had to do this alone, she just had to have faith in herself.
Vella cupped her hands as if she was about to pray and brought them up to her face and with her eyes closed. She breathed some more deep breaths and said a silent prayer.
Once Vella was relaxed again, she began to recite the spell. This time the door of the tomb began to open.
It took about thirty minutes before the door was completely open, or at least open enough that Stefan and Damon could get down. By this time it was beginning to get dark, so Vella, Bonnie and Elena went back to the cabin to wait for Stefan and Damon. They would be back once they were done eliminating all the vampires in the tomb.
The three of them made something to eat and then they played some cards to kill time.
As it got darker, the mood in the cabin began to change to one of anxiety. None of them said it out loud, but they were all worried about Stefan and Damon. None was afraid more than Vella though. She knew that Gabriel and Lilith would be out and about now that it was dark, she just hoped they wouldn't find Stefan and Damon until all the vampires had been killed.
After a short while, Vella's anxiety got the best of her. She couldn't play cards anymore, even at the insistence of Elena and Bonnie. Instead she paced around the front door of the cabin unable to relax.
At one point Vella thought she saw movement outside, so she watched out the door intently, until she figured she had imagined it. As she was about to turn around to walk away, she saw movement again, but this time she knew it was real. Without thinking, Vella opened the door and ran outside.
Bonnie and Elena ran to the open door and yelled for Vella to come back.
Vella turned back to the girls and yelled, "Don't leave the cabin no matter what happens. Promise me."
Bonnie and Elena promised Vella they wouldn't leave and then shut the door.
Vella ran in the direction of the figure she had seen run by the cabin. She had a suspicion about who it was and she needed to find out. She had ran as far as the clearance to where the tomb is before she stopped suddenly. Standing in front of Vella was a girl, a girl who looked very much like her when she was a teenager.
"Violet," Vella uttered in disbelief.
Violet stared at her sister with cold eyes. "Yes, sister, it's me."
Vella went to take a step forward, but the look on her sister's face made her back up instead.
Violet started walking towards Vella, while Vella was trying to run, but Violet was too fast. She ran right into Vella and knocked her on the ground and stood over her.
Vella looked up at her sister in disbelief. "What's got in to you, Vi?"
Violet looked at her sister with a look of hatred. "You did this to me! You did this!"
"Did what?" Vella asked confused.
"Look at me! Look at what I am!" Violet yelled while grabbing her sister by the hair, lifting her up slightly and forcing her head back.
Vella had tears running down her face from the physical and mental pain. She wasn't sure what was going on, until she saw her sister's face change, change into the face of a hungry vampire. Vella tried to let out a scream, but Violet grabbed her around the neck to stifle the sound.
Violet looked right into Vella's eyes, with the same look of hatred. "If you promise not to scream I will give you a chance to ask what it is you want to know...before I kill you that is."
All Vella could do was shake her head slightly in agreement, then Violet threw her backwards.
Vella fell back and hit her head off the ground, which stunned her momentarily. She sat up and looked at her sister, who's face now seemed normal. "Where have you been?"
Violet gave her a menacing look. "You know the answer to that, don't you?"
"Yes you do, Vella. You remember, I know you do"
"No, i don't. Please tell me?"
"Fine!" Violet yelled and then smacked her sister across the face.
The smack was so violent, it knocked Vella back a couple of feet. Vella tried fighting off the feeling of unconciousness that was trying to over take her. Her head was spinning and she couldn't make it stop.
Violet walked up to her and stomped on Vella's ankle, which cracked it in two.
Vella screamed out in agony, unable to conceal how much pain she was in. She didn't understand why her sister was so angry with her. How could it be her fault she was a vampire? And how did she become one so recently? She was ten when she disappeared but she looked about sixteen now.
Violet squatted down beside Vella. The look on her face now was one of pleasure and fury. "Gabriel and Lilith, they took me that night sister. All you had to do was give them what they wanted, but you couldn't do that. So they kept me as a renewable food source for six years...until they accidentally killed me. That was two years ago. Now I am what you see before you."
Her sister's words overwhelmed her. Vella wasn't quite sure what to say, what to think. What a horrible existence she must have led. But how was it her fault?
"I didn't know, Vi. I swear to you. It was the Founder's Council, they told me you died. They brainwashed me into believing you were dead."
Vella looked at her sister with pleading eyes, tears running down her face. "Please believe me. If I had known I would have done something, anything"
Violet looked into Vella's eyes, probing, to see if she was lying. All she could see was the truth. Vella had no idea what had happened to her.
Violet's face suddenly changed from hatred, to one of sadness. All these years she had been convinced that her sister didn't care.
Suddenly, out of the darkness, Gabriel and Lilith appeared. They both had ominous looks on their face, which frightened Vella deep down.
Violet ran to confront them about what she had learned.
"Why did you lie to me?!"
Before Violet could react, Gabriel grabbed a long piece of wood that was on the ground and stabbed Violet right through the heart.
"NOOOOO!" Vella screamed.
Violet fell to the ground in a heap and ceased moving. She was dead.
Vella began to sob heavily. She hadn't got the chance to tell her sister she loved her and her heart was now heavy with regret.
Lilith ran over to Vella, grabbed her by the arm and began to drag her towards the tomb. "You are coming with us into the tomb. I couldn't have asked for a better meal for my family."
Vella looked towards the tomb and back to Lilith. She couldn't let them drag her into that tomb to be a vampire feast. She had to do something. Before she could think of anything, Damon appeared at the doorway of the tomb.
"Get away from her right now!" Damon yelled furiously.
Gabriel turned to face Damon with a look of enjoyment on his face. "She's coming with us into that tomb and you aren't going to stop us."
Damon stood at the doorway to the tomb thinking. He couldn't let anything happen to Vella, but he couldn't allow them in the tomb.
"She's going to die one way or the other, Damon Salvatore," Lilith mocked him with an evil smile. "Only you get to choose how that will happen."
Damon looked at Vella. He was desperate to save her but he didn't know how he could. He was strong and quick, but there were two of them.
As Damon thought this, his brother appeared behind him in the doorway of the tomb. "This is only going to end badly for you two," Stefan said directed towards Gabriel and Lilith.
Silence came over the clearing. The only sounds that could be heard were Vella's labored breathing and occasional whimper of pain.
"Don't let them win Damon, Stefan," Vella said bravely. "Whatever you do, don't let them in that tomb."
Damon and Stefan moved away from the doorway to the tomb towards Gabriel and Lilith, which momentarily distracted them.
It was the only chance Vella would get. Vella picked up one of the wooden stakes from the ground that they had dropped here earlier in the day. She then acted as if she was going to drag herself away from Lilith.
Lilith turned around to grab her, but Vella surprised her by stabbing the wooden stake right through her heart.
Gabriel yelled, "NO!" and ran over to try and stop Vella, but it was too late to save Lilith, so he snapped Vella's neck, where she fell down, dead.
Damon and Stefan were horrified, but it didn't stop either of them from reacting quickly. Damon ran up behind Gabriel to grab him, while Stefan grabbed the stake Vella had used to kill Lilith, and put it through Gabriel's heart, he died instantly.
Damon crouched on the ground beside Vella, tears streaming down his face. "This can't be, this can't be," he cried.
Stefan walked up beside his brother, crouched down and put his ear against Vella's chest. He couldn't hear a heartbeat, she was dead. He looked at his brother with regret, which sent Damon into a rage.
"I promised her, I promised I would protect her, Stefan," Damon cried desperately.
Stefan put his arm around his brother, trying to comfort him, but Damon shrugged it off.
"NO! She can't be dead!" Damon yelled with rage and pounded his fists on the ground, tears still streaming down his face.
Stefan knew there wasn't anything he could do or say for his brother, so he just stayed there to lend his support.
Damon turned to look at his brother with a confused and painful look on his face. "I don't understand. Why was she out here? Why did she leave the cabin?"
Stefan looked back at his brother with sympathy. "I don't know."
Damon stood up and began to pace, fists clenched, tears running down his face. It was a minute later when he noticed another body lying in the field.
He walked up to it to examine it. It had been a vampire, that he could tell, but who was it?
Stefan walked over to where his brother was to examine the body as well.
Damon began to think back to things Vella had said, when he realized who the dead vampire looked like, Vella. "I think this is, or was, Vella's sister."
Stefan looked at Damon with astonishment, but understood. That must have been the reason Vella had left the cabin and now they were both dead.
Damon walked back over to Vella's body and began to stroke her face. "I am so sorry, my love. I hope you will forgive me for breaking my promise."
The tears Stefan had been trying to hold back began to trickle down while listening to his brother. He had never seen him so distraught or heartbroken in a very long time. He hated to think how this was going to affect him.
Damon turned to Stefan, tears glistening his face. "I'm taking her back to the cabin. Can you clean up this mess?"
Stefan nodded his head slightly in agreement, he would allow his brother the time to be alone and grieve.

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